New course ‘Innovative workforce management and labour time planning’


This training will take place during 2 workdays. Many topics, such as planning methodologies and tools, will be explained. During this training many case studies will be used in order to explain how these methodologies and tools are used in practice. There will be much room for dialogue with and among the participants and (home-) work assignments will be used to investigate and establish what is applicable and relevant for the participants’ own work environment.

Practical information

Where: Prague, Brno, Plzen, Ostrava
When: May, June and November (please find the exact dates and locations below)
Duration: 2 days
Language: English/Czech
Maximum number of participants: 20 per training session
Costs: 7.000CzK. Including: 1 night hotel stay (including breakfast and dinner). Food and beverages during
the training. Tuition fees are to be paid no later than 1 month before the start of this training
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The topics that we will cover during this training:

– establishing the current state of affairs;
– defining the in- and external frameworks and conditions;
– listing available data and tools;
– defining criteria for optimal operating and labour time;
– change management;
– organisation decision making;
– how to make an implementation plan;
– problem solving within your own organisation.

Why is a continuous focus on labour time planning a necessity?

Market circumstances in which organisations operate change faster and faster and uncertainties increase. To be able to react fast and agile, analysing and adapting existing production and labour planning are conditions for survival. In other words: effective time management needs to be organised, from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective.

Optimisation of time management within an organisation will:

– improve utilisation of available production facilities;
– increase the flexibility of the organisation as a whole;
– make it easier to anticipate and act propactively instead of acting reactively;
– strengthen national and international market positioning and competitive power;
– facilitate possibilities of meeting changing employee wishes and requirements;
– decrease complaints of employees, illness and attrition rates;
– improve employer branding inside out.

In practice, companies tend to deal with staffing and labour time issues in a conventional way, instead of applying a more innovative approach. And as such miss out on more adequate and suitable solutions. This training offers participants practical and theoretical tools to deal with these challenges in a systematic, and at the same time more creative, manner.


Day 1
– Introduction: added value of innovative workforce management and labour time planning.
– Various dimensions, forms and possibilities of labour flexibility.
– Defining level of required flexibility.
– Assessment of current situation.
– Available tools.
– Case presentations & evaluations.

Day 2
– Decision making: roles and positions of those involved and responsible.
– Making an implementation plan.
– Change management: how to deal with resistance and create commitment.
– Transfer of what was learned to own organisation.
– Case presentations & evaluations.

After completing this training you will receive a certificate.

Where & when

Prague area: week 21 (May 18 – 22)
Brno area: week 22 (May 25 – 29)
Plzen area: week 23 (June 1 – 5)
Ostrava area: week 24 (June 8 – 12)
Prague area: week 45 (November 2 – 6)
Brno area: week 46 (November 9 – 13)
Plzen area: week 47 (November 16 – 20)
Ostrava area: week 48 (November 23 – 27)

Please note that the final locations and dates are to be announced 1 month before the training will take place. Tuition fees are to be paid no later than 1 month before the start of this training.